2020 and beyond!

Well how did this happen??

A month into 2020 already! This is the year we are hoping to go completely off grid in an effort to reduce our impact even further. So far we have stopped using plastic where we can, scaled down our drinks offering to focus on local artisan producers and opted for compostable plant starch drinking vessels, switched to paper straws and recently stopped serving Coca Cola in favour of ethical, fair-trade and sustainable brand Karma Drinks. In 2020 you will see us install alternative energy sources so we can dispense our drinks in any field in any location. Good for you, good for us, good for the planet. Everyones a winner. We will of course post regular update on the progress.

Despite having Boris as a PM, and the UK leaving European Union ( what on earth!!) the year is looking good in many ways. Our calendar is filling up with events, weddings and corporate dos, and we are looking forward travelling up and down the country to attend to ‘bring the brew to you’.*

We will be at the world famous** Treacle Market in Macclesfield again in April and Buxton food markets throughout the year. We really hope and look forward to seeing you throughout the year. We love meeting new people and serving drinks is our pleasure.

Big love,

Team BB xxx

*Photos of all our events will of course be on insta. 😉

** ok maybe not the world

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