Below are a some frequently asked questions:

How much is it to hire?

Standard 24hr hire starts at just £245 including licence fee and booking deposit.  (This may change depending on the booking requirements).

For weddings we recommend subsidising the bar to make the drinks cheaper, or having a bar tab with a limit set to within your budget. Or having certain drinks complementary, and not the whole bar. Your guests then pay for the remainder of the event. This option will affect how much you pay for the hire of Brewbox. After the hire fee, all other prices are completely bespoke to your requirements.

How far will you travel?

We will travel to pretty much anywhere, but there may be a slight increase in hire charge. We are based in the North West/Midlands, covering Cheshire, Staffordshire and Manchester and Derbyshire.

What happens if we have to cancel?

Once a deposit has been received, only 50% is refunded. If closer than 2 weeks prior then no refunds are made. If we (Brewbox) have to cancel the event through any means, except unsuitable weather, then a full refund will be made.

^^If you have booked with us and the pandemic has meant cancelling, unfortunately we cannot issue a refund, but will of course transfer your booking to another date.

What are the dimensions of the horse box?

Approximately 2m wide x 4m long x 3m high.

Why do we need a licence?

If the drinks supplied at the event are chargeable (ie not a free bar), then the local council require a Temporary Events Licence (TEN) be applied for. We apply for this on the hirers behalf at a charge of £45. This must be done 14 days (in some instances 28 days) before the event, and may not be permitted if the council deem the event not within the guidelines of the licencing objectives. Or a council may impose special requirements be adhered to. ie: security present or a curfew etc.

A licence is not needed if the bar is free to your your guests. ( all drinks must be purchased in advance by the hirer)

Do you use plastic or glass?

We use compostable ‘plastic’ by default at all our events. Special insurances and stricter H&S requirements have to be adhered to for the use of glass. If the hirer wishes to use glass, then they must hire the glass ware from a third party and at their own risk.*

*we can advise on this

We do try to limit plastic usage to help the environment, and will not use plastic straws.

Can you serve cocktails?

Yes. Though the amount we can serve during an event is limited.

What products can we have on the taps?

Brewbox can be fitted with 4 taps, 2 for ale and 2 for carbonated products (lager / cider). It is not possible to serve Guinness , though other stouts are available. Wherever possible we try to serve what the client requests. We are completely free of contracts and can order direct from the brewery. But at times when requests cannot be served, a suitable alternative is recommended. We do like to source products that are as local as possible.

We will always favour craft over mass produced products.

How much are your drinks normally?

Very much product depending. Obviously we have to add our margin to the product (that’s how business works) but usually pints are between £4-4.50, Wine around £4/5 a glass and spirits £4-5 a single measure. Cocktails and champagne (on arrangement)