Holy Sh*t! We did not see this coming!

Am I allowed to say that? Oops oh well, it’s said now. What a monumental year 2020 is developing into, in a way no-one knew was possible.

I hope in these unprecedented times you are all managing to stay home and stay safe. Here at BBHQ we are doing what we can, which, when you have a mind like mine its pretty hard to ‘switch off’. I started a jigsaw last Friday and have so far only gotten as far are the edges. It looks like a map of Australia. In my defence, it has been sunny and I have been taking full advantage so I’ve been chilling with Rufi in the garden. I have even had my legs out all week.

Seeing as the venue I manage, and the events we had booked are on hold, whilst in COVID lockdown, April for me will all be about learning new things, including attempting to learn French and baking bread. If anyone has any tips please do feel free to share them via facebook or email I’d love to hear them.

One thing I can assure you all, is that when the pandemic is over and we are permitted to do so, Brewbox will back to dong what we do best – making drinks. I may even host a POST-COVID P A R T Y in the town where I live. Of course you will all be invited.

So what else have I been unto? Just before the lockdown, I put a deposit down on a van so I can start to fulfil our #vanlife and of course transport our reclaimed piano bar to more events. Unfortunately though this has had to be put on hold for the time being, so check back on here for updates ( if you are interested of course ).

Anyway, with all this extra time on my hands, I could waffle on for ages, so I’d better wrap it up. Rufi needs a walk and as we are allowed our once per day exercise, that’s us down to the rec for a run round.

Keep safe everyone. Let’s ride this wave and come out the other side.

Lots of Love

Tom and team xx

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